Dr Tan’s Balance Method of Acupuncture

Dr Tan’s Balance Method is an incredibly effective approach that quickly creates results.

This transformational treatment  can reduce pain as much as 80% within one treatment.

“When you stand a pole under the sun
you immediately see its shadow”

Dr Tan Balance Acupuncture Method

Dr Tan’s calligraphy

Dr Tan researched this line of ancient chinese acupuncture text to relearn a method of acupuncture that instantly reduces pain.

To keep the pain relief consistent, Dr Tan always recommended a course of treatments. The Balance Method is different because instead of it being practiced just once a week, it is completed 2-3 times a week. This keeps the pain from coming returning, and the recovery  arrives at a more rapid pace, being within weeks rather than numerous months.

The method of treatment rarely places needles in areas of discomfort or pain, but uses distal points, away from the area of pain. For example, shoulder pain may be alleviated by placing very fine needles in the hips or within specific areas of the ankle, rather than directly into the shoulder (direct needling may cause further injury to the damaged shoulder).

The advantage of using distal points is that its effectiveness can be immediately tested. The pain should reduce within seconds with each needle.

Dr Tan often used to say to think of treating an aggravated area being likened to switching on a light bulb.

The switch is far away from the bulb, maybe in the corner of the room, or even on the ceiling. Once the switch is on, it creates a flow of electricity towards the light bulb. In a similar fashion, having needles placed into the hip can stimulate the flow of energy to the shoulder.

To know which distal areas of the body should be chosen, Dr Tan researched the ancient Chinese acupuncture texts and found a common holographic pattern that explains why each acupuncture point empirically treats different health issues.

This common soma pattern is the basis for many therapies, including Kinesiology, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Yoga, Tuina, Sotai, and many more…

Balance Method Acupuncture

Dr Richard Teh-fu Tan

Born in Taiwan, Dr. Tan was a master of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Philosophy, Martial arts and held a Masters degree in Systems Engineering. His contribution to acupuncture is incredible, through his research of classical Chinese texts which emphasize that acupuncture should give instant results, he has created a method that does just that.

The method is a combination of intense study of ancient Chinese literature, experiential acupuncture practice and modern scientific analysis.

At his peak, Dr Tan treated 20 people per hour and helped thousands of people overcome their chronic or acute pain issues.

Dr. Tan has committed more that 25 years of teaching his method all over the world. Through students practicing his methods, the Dr Tan Balance Method continues to treat millions of people…