Mindfulness and the Art of Zen Shiatsu

Camp Creative 2019

Mindfulness and the Art of Zen Shiatsu

14-18 January, 2019

Bellingen, NSW

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This Qigong Workshop will take place during Camp Creative January 2019.

Discover how to tune into to your inner creativity and to express it through the healing art of touch.

You will learn the heart of Zen Shiatsu – a Japanese form of massage performed with mindfulness.

Shiatsu translates as finger-pressure, and is traditionally performed through the clothes. It can be practiced on a futon on the ground, a massage table, or in a chair.

Traditionally, Shiatsu practitioners in Japan were blind & highly regarded for their incredible sensitivity & palpation skills.

Over time, this practice built into an art form of great depth, like Tai Chi, with health benefits for both the Giver & Receiver.

You will practice both giving and receiving Zen Shiatsu Massage, with the emphasis on the mindfulness techniques that develop an empathetic connection with your own inner nature, and that of another human being.

Taught in a way suitable for absolute beginners, those with an interest in mindfulness, and even professional body therapists.

Learn to creatively express mindfulness techniques through touch – in a way that helps others as well as yourself.

For bookings, please visit Camp Creative Website: www.campcreative.com.au/

What is camp creative?

Camp Creative is a week of fun, family and discovery in beautiful Bellingen NSW.

You can immerse yourself in your passion, or step out of your comfort zone and discover new exciting interests and maybe a new ‘you’.

Bellingen opens its doors for this fantastic week where you can mix with people of widely differing interests and ages in a relaxing, creative, family atmosphere.

What a great way to start the new year!