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Following in Oriental footsteps, Community Acupuncture (treating patients in a group setting) is nothing new – its medical origins go back 5000 years. China has made medicine and acupuncture  very accessible to its people.

In Australia, Community Acupuncture is relatively new and is a way to make healthcare more affordable. Patients pay for their treatment based on a sliding scale based on how much they can afford to pay (no proof of income needed). Bellingen Community Acupuncture and Shiatsu Clinic was one of the first community acupuncture clinics to open in regional Australia.

People are treated in a community setting in the large CWA Room in Bellingen.  One of the side benefits  about this style of treatment goes beyond making it more affordable for those with low income or without benefits – it’s about the collective energy in the room and what that does to your sense of wellbeing.

Often people prefer Community Acupuncture because it adds to the healing experience. People tend to report feeling less nervous when they see others relaxing or sleeping during treatment. The communal aspect is also very therapeutic for those suffering from depression, who may be living in isolation.

Another positive benefit of community style treatment is that people can sit side by side with friends and family members during a treatment, rather than be whisked away and placed in isolation behind a closed door.  Seeing others being treated at the same time also helps to reduce the sense of feeling alone in your illness.

Community Acupuncture has become a popular destination post yoga class, and similar to group meditation, it’s becoming more mainstream. Acupuncture’s not only sought out to reduce pain and treat disease, but many people are choosing acupuncture because the side effects are peace and relaxation.

Community Acupuncture is an affordable lifestyle choice for many patients who frequent their acupuncturist as they might a gym — a regular work out for the mind, body and spirit.

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