Qigong Six Unity Exercise Workshop 2019


with Qigong Master Simon Blow


Saturday 6 APRIL 2019

9.30am to 4.30pm

Liu He Gong – Six Unity Exercise is an ancient health cultivation practise which has been influenced by the philosophy of Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine and further developed by experts and Professors at the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute in China. The word Liu He refers to the six directions upward, downward, East, West, South and North. The exercise allows the practitioner to connect with and become an integral part of the universe/environment.

Qigong is one of the components of the holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With regular practice Qigong helps cleanse the body of toxins, restore energy, reduce stress and anxiety and helps individuals maintain a healthy and active life. Simon conducts many retreats and workshops throughout Australia and has been leading specialist training tours to China to learn from masters at the source since 1999. He is also the author of numerous books, DVDs and meditation CDs about the ancient Chinese healing arts

Simon Blow has been a professional Qigong teacher (Laoshi) since 1992. He has received World Health Organisation certification in Medical Qigong clinical practice and initiation into Dragon Gate Daoism with the given name ‘Xin Si’, meaning ‘Genuine Wisdom’. An initiated student and 29th Generation of Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong, Simon is also a Deputy Secretary of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in Beijing, China.


  • Morning and afternoon tea
  •  Bring a plate to share for lunch
  •  Meditation sessions
  •  All tuition with Qigong Master Simon Blow
  •  ‘Six Unity Exercise’ DVD


$100 or Early Bird/concession discount of $90

To receive early bird discount, full payment or $40 deposit must be received before 5 April 2019.

Bookings are essential please contact Matt Sincock

acupuncturematt@icloud.com Tel: 0427 539 382


Qigong Workshop with Simon Blow